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When you hire Veterans from Veterans Moving Help you are making a difference in the lives of the men and women who have protected us from danger and preserved the freedoms we enjoy

Our founder Greg Sledge, a deeply patriotic US Army Veteran and staunch supporter of his fellow Veterans recognized while volunteering at a soup kitchen that despite the excellent training and discipline provided by the greatest nation in the world, many of those eating in that soup kitchen were US military Veterans. The economy with its closures and cutbacks has made employment and other opportunities scarce.

Greg’s military training has instilled in him the mindset of never, ever leave a soldier behind. This attitude has carried over into his civilian life. Greg knew something needed to be done and he vowed to somehow help his fellow Veterans.

He had moving experience and he quickly found there was a market for moving labor in Gainesville, Florida. Greg and three other Veterans began loading and unloading U-Haul trucks for University of Florida College students. Greg and his guys did great work and quickly word spread, they were in business!

Recognizing the enormous potential for this business Greg began coordinating with Veterans nationwide and set up a website advertising nationwide moving labor services.

The timing couldn’t have been better. The bad economy was forcing people to shy away from full service Movers such as Allied or Mayflower because they were just too expensive. People were finding that by renting their own trucks, moving containers, or Pods and hiring moving helpers  to perform the loading/unloading they could save significantly.

Today, with Veteran Movers in all 50 states, Greg is living his dream of providing employment opportunities to Veterans nationwide.




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