Jacksonville Moving Help

Moving to, from or in Jacksonville and just need some help?

Just give Veterans Moving Help a call at 1-888-905-3348

We are Jacksonville Moving Help Experts! We have 300+ movers nationwide ready to help you with all the hard parts of moving – the loading and unloading, packing and unpacking, It’s all so time consuming and not to mention hard work. We can help you move and take all the hassle and headache out of the process. Our veteran movers aren’t just moving experts, they’re veterans so they know the meaning of hard, rewarding work and will put that to work for you!

Our experience with loading  and unloading of all types of rental trucks, moving containers and trailers guarantees that your move will be smooth and efficient. Upon arrival, we will preform a quick appraisal of your possessions and calculate how and where to efficiently load your belongings to maximize the conservation of space in your truck or container and to also make certain that no damage occurs during your trip. We pack the truck (Pod, ABF trailer, etc…) tight and we pack it right!  Each and every time. When you arrive at your destination, everything is safe and sound! and you can count on us to be there to help unload – why? Because unlike other moving help companies, we’re nationwide!


“Employ Excellence. Hire Veterans”

10 Reasons you should hire Veterans Moving Help:

  1. Veterans have shown they put themselves in danger to protect us.
  2. Veterans possess leadership and teamwork skills unmatched by their civilian counterparts.
  3. Character- Veterans are trustworthy, dependable, drug free and have a strong work ethic.
  4. Effectiveness- Veterans get it done!
  5. Resiliency- Veterans are accustomed to difficult tasks and harsh working conditions but still find a way to succeed. 
  6. Loyalty. Veterans are committed to our jobs customers and families
  7. Cross cultural skills- Veterans are experienced in effectively working with people of many diverse cultures.
  8. Respect and Integrity. We respect our customers and their possessions and care about doing a good job. 
  9. Disciplined. We pay attention to details and always go the extra mile.
  10. Demonstrated commitment to the greater good. We live our lives knowing whats really important is caring and doing for others.